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Why invest in Cyprus?

Nationality and permanent residency

Cyprus has the fastest program in the world with immediate access into the European
union obtained within 6 months and pre approved in 3 months

Lowest crime rate in Europe

High Standard of living

Significant economic memberships including WTO, World Bank and IMF

Numerous international banking system and multinational companies operating from Cyprus such as Jordan Kuwait Bank, Lebanon and Gulf Bank, Bank of Beirut, Promsvyazbank, RCB, Societe General and Barclays

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Excellent public and private Health care system with specialist physicians in every field

Excellent public and private Education including international schools, colleges and universities

Cyprus has one of the highest literacy rates in the world reached 99.1% in addition to the multinational workforce and highly competitive fees

Lowest corporate tax regime in the European union 12.5%

Finally, Cyprus is the 10th largest ship management center in the world in addition to their significant natural gas reserves

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What is the Cyprus Permanent Residency Program?

Cyprus has become one of the most popular countries for non-EU individuals to seek permanent residency in an EU-member country because it has the fastest immigration services in Europe. In most cases the process is completed within a period of six months and pre-approved in 3 months only. The permanent residency is valid for live, requires only one visit every 2 years, and it covers the whole family including children, and parents of both husband and wife.


  • Unique strategic location

  • Enviable Mediterranean lifestyle

  • Efficient EU Citizenship and Permanent Residency Programmes

  • Excellent infrastructure and first-rate tourism infrastructure

  • High standards of healthcare and education

  • Modern airports with connections to all major destinations

The Most Favourable Incentives In The Area Of Taxation

  • Zero Property Tax

  • Zero transfer fees

  • 5% reduced vat policy for first property purchase

  • Lowest corporate tax

The Benefits highlights of Cyprus Permanent Residency

  • No language requirements

  • Cyprus is a common law jurisdiction

  • Property acquired is freehold

  • No inheritance tax

  • Low property tax

  • Reduced 5% VAT

  • Strategic location: at the crossroads of three continents: Africa, Asia and Europe

  • Access to beaches, mild climate, and tourist destinations in Cyprus

  • Lowest crime rate in Europe

  • High-standard educational institutions and healthcare facilities

  • Advanced infrastructure and modern airports with connections to all major destinations